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Electrical Safety Tips For your Home : What You Should Know

In today’s world, our dependency on electrical appliances and devices has increased to such a level that we never think about the safety hazards that come with its wrong application. In this article, we’ll share simple electrical safety tips for your home and kids to keep you away from all the harm.

Remember, Electricity is a boon but it is also a great safety hazard if not used carefully. We all know how to use the appliances and electrical devices but often we make some simple mistakes that can produce grave consequences.

According to a survey, most of the electrical safety hazards affect kids in our homes due to lack of basic knowledge.

At AR Electricals, we care about people and wish no harm should ever occur to the kids and adults due to mishappening with electricity.

If you implement these basic and simple electrical safety methods in your home, you can protect your kids, pets and family from any unfortunate accidents.

Some of these simple electrical safety tips for your home are below mentioned:

    • Always unplug any appliance using the plug. Never pull the cord. It can cause breakage and might lead to a spark.


    • Keep all your electrical devices and appliances away from water. Never use any electric appliance with wet hands or while in water.


    • Always turn off the switch and unplug the device after its use.


    • Don’t put metal objects in your toaster or microwave owen.


    • Allow for air-circulations for heat generating appliances.


    • Use fire-extinguisher or grab baking soda to put out fire. Don’t use water.


  • Don’t use an electric lawn mower on wet grass

These were just some of the electrical safety tips to keep you safe and secure. For additional tips to prevent electrical safety hazards, take a look at the visual Infographics we’ve created for electrical safety tips for your home.




If you like this infographic, share these helpful electrical safety tips with your friends and family as well. We would also suggest you to show it to your kids to teach them about the dangers associated with misuse of electricity.

And if you require any additional advice for anything big or small in your homes, you can always contact the expert at AR Electricals 24/7 at service for you.


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