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Baseload Generation or Revenue Cuts? Our Take on LNP vs Hugh Grant

According to a recent article published on Townsville Bulletin, Queensland pays the highest amount of network charges. The Government owned electrical corporations like Powerlink and Ergon Energy are accused of playing around with NEM rules and cashing in on forecast capital expenditure that didn’t even occur.

Hugh Grant, the former employee of Powerlink (one of the accused companies) and a member of Australian Energy Regulator Consumer Challenge Panel has called out the State Govt. to reduce the revenue of these electrical corporations by 33%.

Interestingly enough,

In February 2017 Powerlink made headlines when they were blamed for charging on consumer’s bills for their “opulent” building’s renovations costing $16 millions. Furthermore, Merryn York, Powerlink’s boss was lobbying around to get Mr. Grant thrown out of the council on basis of conflict of interest.

Thankfully, AER found the Powerlink head’s accusations baseless and the Energy Economist was kept on the panel. The recent decision of AER came in late April 2017 where they have allowed Powerlink to collect an average annual revenue of $240.4 million from 2017-22 for their infrastructure makeover.

The State Government representative points out how this decision will result in an individual’s average electricity bill to come down to $32 for this year.

Now Hugh Grant here points out how Energex overestimated the demand by 41.4% and Ergon by 33.2% for the year 2015.

These Government-owned Electrical Corporations have been rewarded around $1 Billion for their wrong forecasts.

Dale Holliss, the Arc Up founder from Queensland stands by Hugh Grant in his fight against the State Govt and describes the electrical corporations as “Cash Cows” that earned the Govt $12 billion over the past 3 years.

The State Govt representative shared LNP’s views stating how cutting the revenue by 30% is not possible as the corporations like Powerlink won’t be able to sustain with that.

Instead, they suggest providing more Baseload Generation!

With the World going through an energy-crisis and Global Warming, more Baseload Generation would create havoc for the Earth.

Here’s what will happen:

  • More Coal Plants will be set up which will reduce the “said problem” by 5-7 years at most.
  • The cost of setting up a coal plant is high and the repercussions even higher.
  • Global Warming will cross all limits and the amount of pollution will increase.
  • Future Generations may have to suffer heavily due to this maneuver by LNP.

Think about the consequences people!

And not just for you, but for your children and the forthcoming humankind as well.

LNP should become more progressive and take energy conscious decisions. AR Electrical team feels eco-friendly options should be promoted and people should be encouraged for the same.

While LNP has a long way to go, we hope the State Govt will soon come to their senses and do what is right.

Meanwhile, as an individual you should take efforts to reduce the average electricity consumption of your home by becoming earth-friendly and thinking in favor of nature.

To begin with, you can start by going solar and installing solar panels in your home.

Happy days won’t be far away!

Not only will your electricity bills reduce effectively, but you can also enjoy rebates from the Govt as well.

At AR Electricals, we stand in support of Hugh Grant for voicing his opinion in the right direction and hope that in this war of Consumers vs Electrical Corporations, the consumer side wins with a heavy support from the Govt as well.

If you wish to install Solar Panels for your home, our expert electrician can help you. Moreover, we can propose methods to make your home energy-efficient and thus reduce your electricity bills. Don’t wait up! Do the right thing for you and this planet. Call today at 0417 878 135.


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