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How to Save on Your Electricity Bill at Home?

Now, are you tired of humongous electricity bills at your home? Here’s the good news. With the effective small and large changes we’ll be sharing, you can learn how to save on your electricity bill at home.

Why You Should Read on:

Whilst Green Environment is already promulgating around the world, Energy conservation has become more of a top priority now that Electricity prices are making headlines in Australia. Power prices are on the rise and as a result utility bills are increasing.

Although not all expenses are manageable, Utility bills are largely in control of the user. The first thing you need to do is check the average electricity consumption of your home. The electricity bill is a direct reflection of how you consume electricity in your home.

To save on your electricity bill at home, you must be aware of your own usage and how it stands when compared to other similar houses in your area. For this, you can try the Australian Govt’s Benchmark tool and make efforts to bring your energy usage down to the average.

How You Are Charged on Your Electricity Bill

It is important to understand how you are charged on your Electricity bill. In Australia, you’re charged a fixed rate and a variable rate.

This variable rate is basically the electricity usage in off-peak hours when the demand is minimum. You may contact your electricity contractor to inquire the off-peak hours for your home.

Also, it would be ideal to compare energy contracts before taking up one. Research and compare for the best electricity contracts for your needs. It can save up-to 15-20% of your annual electricity bill.

So, do you want to know how to save on your electricity bill at home?

Let’s save some dollars for you…

Effective Power Saving Tips for Your Home

1. Phantom Load or Standby Power Bleed

Do you know your gadgets may be leaking money out of your pockets?

Well, it is the truth. Most of the homes today have chargers, TVs, Playstations, Microwave, Dryers and other electronic appliances and gadgets plugged in at most times. These devices even when not in use, keep drawing energy in minimal amounts.

You may not notice it right away.

But these plugged in devices cost a lot of money. Imagine losing a hundred dollars!

Stop Phantom power bleed and save more than hundreds of dollars on your annual electricity bill.

What you can do:

  1. Make a habit to unplug all devices when not in use.
  2. Plug the devices into a power bar and switch it off when it is not needed.

2. Save With Your Refrigerator

Refrigerator or Fridge is one electronic appliance that runs 24/7 in our homes. The average temperature of the fridge should be set to 4-5 degrees and for the freezer, the right amount is set between -15 to -18 Celsius.

Also, keep your fridge away from heat or direct sun. Further, make sure the cool air doesn’t escape by closing the fridge door properly.

If you own a second fridge, map your requirements. Either get rid of it and buy a single large fridge or turn it on only when needed.

3. Recaulk Your Home

Many older homes have small cracks around the utility line inlets, windows, and doors. Instead of letting your money leak out of these cracks, make a wise choice today.

Recaulk your home and while you’re at it- add some weather stripping on windows and doors.

Surprisingly, this small change will help you save on your electricity bill by 15-30%.

4. Wash Clothes in Cold Water

Nowadays, detergents can wash your clothes thoroughly. Try to wash your clothes in cold water and save around 5% on the average electricity bill you pay for your home.

What else can I do?

  1. Use the clothes dryer on full load and use cold water for the wash.
  2. Spin the clothes before taking them out.
  3. Turn off the standby power of the washing machine.
  4. Dry the clothes on clothing lines instead of a clothes dryer.

Even if you reduce the use of clothes dryer to just half, you’ll end up saving $47 per year on your electricity bill.

5. Install Sensor (or Motion) Lights in Your Home

The days of CFL lights went away with smart LED lights and here in comes the new hero that’ll help you to save on your electricity bill at home.

Behold and welcome Motion Lights in your home.

These smart lights have a small sensor installed within them that will light up on detection of a motion nearby. This way, you’ll pay only for the light you’ll actually “use”. More so, it’ll light up automatically when the sun goes down and emit dim light when least required.

Call your local electrician today and install Smart Motion Lights for your home.

6. Purchase a Hot Water Tank Jacket For Your Home

Buy an overcoat for your hot water tank for less than $50 and keep it at peak temperature for a longer duration. This means the heating element will kick in later and thus you’ll be able to save on your electricity bill at home.

7. Insulate the Roof in Your Home

Insulation acts as a safe barrier that keeps your home cooler in summer and warmer in the winter season. A well-insulated roof can make a big difference to your bills.

In Queensland, insulation rated (R-value) should be 4.1 or higher for your home ceiling. If you already have one installed, check if it is properly fitted. Else, hire an electrical contractor to insulate the roof in your home today.

8. Get Smart With Electricity

An average Australian household produces 14 tonnes of greenhouse gases per year.

Did you know this?

The Australian homes contribute towards 21% of total carbon emission each year.

Make smart choices with electricity and save on your electricity bill while protecting the environment as well.

As a homeowner, you can invest in the installation of solar panels and solar powered lights for your home. This will benefit your savings and help the Earth as well.

9. Change The Lighting in Your Home

Just by changing the light globes in your home with energy-efficient options, you can save up-to $150 on an average annual energy bill in your home. Replace all CFLs with LED lights.

For security lighting and outdoor lighting use motion lights and solar powered lights.

Solar powered lights are powered by the sun and they are low-voltage lights that can be used for lighting in your home and outdoors like Parking and Gardens. Furthermore, Solar lights are best suited for night navigation and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

10. Install Smart Meters in Your Home

Get smart metering for your home and see how and when you use the electricity you are paying for. Many energy providers offer smart metering programs.

With smart meters, you can view your electricity usage in real time and therefore control excessive electricity consumption. Other plans allow you to pick “time-of-use” hours and you’re rewarded for using electricity during off-peak hours.

Ask your local energy provider for available smart metering plans and save on your electricity bill by 7% per year.

11. Save Electricity in the Kitchen

Electrical appliances like Microwave, Oven, Toaster, Kettle, Dishwasher, etc are all power-hungry devices used in your Kitchen. Our dependency on these appliances have increased and while not using them will definitely help you, it may not be a viable choice for all.

Here’s what you can do instead:

  1. Use a microwave instead of an oven. An electric oven uses 3 times more power than a microwave.
  2. Thaw the frozen food manually. It’ll use less cooking time as well.
  3. Put the lids on your pots to reduce cooking time.
  4. Use the dishwasher in the economy cycle and run only when it is full.

12. Set Your Thermostat

If you own a programmable thermostat, program it for maximum efficiency. During the winter season, heating homes can add up to 30% of your total electricity bill.

As a matter of fact, every degree above 20 degrees on your thermostat can add 10% to the bill.

Use the general thumb rule and set the thermostat at 18-20 degrees in winter. For summers, set the temperature at 26 degrees and above.

All of these methods can help you make noticeable savings on your electricity bill at home. Most of these just require setting a habit and no large investment on your part. AR Electrical hopes you will adopt these small changes to make your home energy efficient and save on your electricity bill for years to come.

Learn more about how to cut your utility bills with energy-saving tips by talking to our electrical experts at AR Electrical. We will help you pick the best available options for your home while keeping things in the budget.



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