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Questions To Ask Your Local Electrician in Queensland Before Hiring

Hiring the right person for the job is as important as the job itself. Is there an electrical requirement in your home or office that seeks professional assistance? Then simple google or local listings won’t help. Because electricity can be a dangerous thing to play with, you can’t just hire anyone. This post will help you with a list of questions to ask your local electrician in Queensland before hiring.

It is very important to keep a transparency with the tradie so that you can get to know them and their work better. These questions will help you know your electrician and if they are a right fit for the job.

Tip from Electrical Experts:
Just make sure to be prudent but not too stiff when you enquire the electrician. Courtesy will go a long way.

List of Questions to Ask Your Local Electrician in Queensland Before Hiring

1. Are you a licensed electrician?

In the first place, begin by asking the electrician if they own a license. An electrician holding a state license will be accountable and answerable for their actions. However, an unlicensed electrician may not be found anywhere if something goes wrong.

Having a license ensures the electrician has the required information and expertise to perform the job. Always ask for a licensed electrician to ensure you and your home or office is protected.

2. Do you have an insurance?

Most electrical companies in Queensland have insurance cover for their technicians. This insurance protects the professional electrician at work as well as the damage that may occur to your home or property.

Missing insurance will make you the paying party if any accident occurs or the electrical contractor gets hurt on the job.

Just remember this before you hire an electrician in Queensland: An insured electrician is a safe electrician and an uninsured one, a liability.

3. What is your prior experience?

Having an experienced electrician makes all the difference. In addition to being certified and licensed, the relevant experience to undertake a job holds importance.

For instance: An electrician may be great with repairs and maintenance of homes but hiring them for commercial electrical services may be a mistake.

A reliable and experienced electrician will take on the job and complete it with full responsibility ensuring your safety and reduced risk of electrical hazards.

4. May I see some references?

The past clients of the electrician can help you recognize the expertise level and work ethics of the electrician. A good electrician will have a strong database of regular customers and they would never hesitate to share the reference information unless they have something to hide.

Generally speaking, hearing directly from customers who had the same kind of work done that you are seeking the services for will give you an upfront idea about the electrician.

5. What is your specialization?

Finding the perfect electrician is not that hard when you know what their specialization is. Like most tradies, every professional electrician is a master of one and jack of all trades.

For specific tasks that require specialization, it becomes really important to get the right guy. To get the point across, if you want installation services for AC or solar panels, the right person would be who has done it before and not someone who handles only repair or maintenance work.

Wrong installation can damage the electrical appliance, your property and in worst case scenarios can even cause fatalities.

6. Who will undertake the actual work?

Assuming that the person you are interacting with will be performing the job might as well be a folly on your part. Always confirm who will undertake the actual work. Most electrical contractors either send their employees or get subcontractors to perform the said job.

If it’s an employee, ask for their credentials and specialization. Make sure an apprentice is not being sent to complete a difficult and dangerous job on site. In case it is a subcontractor, seek references before getting the job done.

7. Do I need a permit for getting this work done?

It is quite a standard practice for professional electricians to pull the permit when required. However, some electricians might not let you know what all things will be required.

In any event, a homeowner or business owner should research and know if a permit is required or not. A permit acts as a safeguard for any electrical work done and is thoroughly inspected by the directed person.

8. What all warranties and guaranties do you cover?

Ask the prospective electrician what all warranties and guaranties do they offer after the completion of the work. Warranty of material, labor and parts installed should all be covered under the electrical contract.

Also, don’t forget to ask the period of cover for the guarantee for the work done. A good professional electrician will always offer a minimum of 12 month warranty period for the job.

9. What all work will you perform & the estimate of the complete job?

Now this is a very important question.

An electrical job may require penetration of drywall, flooring or other areas of your home that will later have to be repaired by another subcontractor.

Be sure to ask your local electrician in Queensland for an estimate of the entire project or work including these incidental repairs. This small question will go a long way in securing your budget for the work.

10. What do you charge for your service?

This is, of course, an important question. Some electrical contractors charge a service fee even for the estimate of the job while others may charge by the hour.

It is important to know the service fees or any hidden charges that may arise so that you’re prepared for the cost and know the actual amount of the work before hiring the professional electrician.

Infographic: Checklist of questions to ask your electrician before you hire him

Finding the right electrician or a professional electrical contractor can be a difficult task. But with this checklist of questions, we hope to help you simplify the task at hand so that your electrical safety is never compromised.

AR Electricals has a team of licensed and certified electrical experts who are willing to answer all your questions and resolve your queries. The safety of your home and employees is in your hands, so make the decision wisely.

For any electrical needs or questions, get in touch with your trusted local electrician in Queensland at 0417 878 135.


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