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Be Proactive with Electrical Thermal Imaging Services in Queensland Area

AR Electricals has a team of licensed experts spread across Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast, and Queensland Area. Our preventive maintenance programs include both invasive and non-invasive techniques.

Preventive maintenance is a proactive and cost-saving approach for every business and industry as we can plan outages and predict beforehand for any imminent failure or further investigation in case abnormal condition is encountered.

At AR Electrical, we have the specialised equipment to detect and prevent sudden breakdowns and equipment failure due to overheating. We use Electrical Thermal Imaging to serve the purpose.

Infrared/Thermal Imaging

Many Insurance companies nowadays insist on including Electrical Thermal Imaging Service as part of your regular maintenance program and for a good reason.

Electrical thermal imaging is helpful in detecting any potential electrical fault and thereby prevent losses caused by overheating of your primary electrical installation.

Our thermal imaging process includes inspection and assessment to identify and prevent any equipment breakdown and failure leading to costly concerns( replacements, massive downtime) for your business and home.

What is Thermal Imaging?

  • Thermal Imaging is a non-intrusive and non-destructive preventive maintenance technique which is best done when your business is in full operation. It is a pivotal part of every commercial and industrial business’ preventive maintenance plan.
  • While the primary objective of thermal imaging is to diagnose electrical problems, it can also be used to check mechanical equipment for potential damage. For instance, to check if bearings are running too hot.
  • Thermal Imaging can also be used to detect cold air loss in refrigeration systems installed at your premises.

Our expert electrician will use a specialised and highly-sensitive equipment to identify potential electrical and mechanical equipment faults which are invisible to the naked eye.

As a matter of fact, the Thermal Images are accurate to one-tenth of a degree.

These images show if any components such as electrical wire or switches are too hot. These heating abnormalities can be a result of deterioration, overloading or ageing process. If left unattended, it can ultimately cause destruction of equipment or unscheduled breakdown and in worst cases fire.

What is the importance of Electrical Thermal Imaging?

Electrical Thermal imaging is one of the most critical preventive maintenance tasks which should be carried out on a regular basis to ensure updated assessment of safety and efficiency of your business and its equipments.

Our preventive maintenance program using electrical thermal imaging services in Queensland will offer the following benefits:

  • Improve profitability and safety of your office premises.
  • Reduce operation, test and maintenance costs.
  • Allows you to be completely aware of your operational equipments.
  • Identify potential problems in electrical connections/equipments.
  • Ensures ongoing safety of employees, general public and contractors.
  • Improves preventive maintenance efficiency.
  • Schedule repairs and replacements according to preventive maintenance assessments.

How does Electrical Thermal Imaging helps Your business?

Electrical thermal imaging is considered to be an important preventive maintenance technique which is cost-effective and even advised by Insurance companies to be done at least once a year.

This small time investment can save you millions of dollars and detect potential problems earlier reducing downtime and heavy repair costs.

Conditions detectable by an infrared Electrical Thermal scan:

  • Loose and deteriorated connections
  • System Overloads
  • Open-circuits
  • Unbalanced loads
  • Inductive Heating
  • Harmonics
  • Defective Equipments
  • Damaged Switchgear
  • Overheating Equipments

How you’ll benefit from it?

  • Reduce unscheduled downtime
  • No service interruption during inspection
  • Lower risks
  • Lower Repair Costs
  • Increased profits
  • Scheduled repairs and replacements on time
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Prevent catastrophic failures
  • Ensure a safe and healthy work premises

Electrical Preventive Maintenance

Before any electrical component burns up, it heats up. An infrared thermal imaging scan is used because excessive heat is mostly the first indicator of trouble on electrical or mechanical component. Thermal image scan can detect these faulty areas and prevent the major mishappening altogether.

An electrical distribution system is the backbone of every other system in a commercial building. Any electrical hazard or system failure will cause the other systems like communication, fire safety, security and mechanical system to go down.

With electrical thermal imaging scan, you can adopt a proactive approach rather than a reactive one.

Electrical Thermal Imaging Scan of Electrical Systems:

  • Determine if the components and the overall system have been properly installed, and not damaged.
  • Reduces downtime.
  • Decreased risk of equipment failure.
  • Enhanced system performance.
  • Improves insurability.
  • Saves you money.
  • Diagnose potential problems in the operating equipment.
  • Schedule repairs and replacements as per need.

Our cost of Electrical thermal imaging services in Queensland area is a fraction of the benefits it holds. Return of investment is even greater.

If you have a new, existing or renovated commercial, industrial or manufacturing plant building, give AR Electrical a call and set up an appointment with our master electricians for diagnostics of your site today.